Tooth Whitening

Dazzle them with your amazing bright smile! Treat yourself to an exceptional tooth whitening experience, without having to visit the dentist.
Lulu offers our clients the Beyond ® WhiteSpa System.

Beyond® WhiteSpa POLUS ‘Light-Bridge’ Whitening Accelerator System is the latest technology and scientifically proven to whiten better than EVERY other whitening system in the World. The NEW Technology behind professional Light- Acceleration
The combination of light-acceleration using new ‘light-bridge’ technology with photo-excited catalytic peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments has brought this cosmetic procedure to a new level and the entire whitening process can now be performed in a single visit (as compared to being spread out over several weeks with non-light-accelerated treatments)

Scientifically conducted clinical tests have demonstrated that the Beyond® halogen light source produced the best whitening results.

A clinical study published recently compared LED, plasma arc and the halogen systems to see which produced the most significant whitening results when combined with a same strength whitening gel. Clinical Results clearly demonstrated that the halogen light source produced the best whitening results of the three light types tested.

The only Dentist Recommended system available to the beauty industry that uses a professional strength halogen light is the BEYOND™ WhiteSpa System.