Lulu wanted to be sure their clients had access to simply pretty make up with nothing to hide, da lish cosmetics feel as sweet as their name sake, rich indulgent and uncomplicated, when you want to bring your natural beauty forward, then da lish is a natural choice!

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da lish cosmetics was created to bring you simple enhancements to your natural beauty using natural/organic based ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Full of antioxidants so your skin benefits from its use over time. Shea butter, rich in fatty acids, soothes and helps repair scars, while safflower oil softens texture. Sunflower seed oil, ripe with vitamins A, D and E, helps neutralize free radicals in the air that dam


age skin cells, causing premature wrinkles to form. Rosemary leaf extract contains vitamins B1, B13 and C – a powerful cocktail to help skin cells regenerate on their own.

But the real proof is in the pretty. da lish is uncomplicated beauty essentials designed for every woman’s morning routine.